Underrated Horror Show Starring Kevin Williamson

As well as Scream, Dawson’s Creek, and The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Williamson also created the television series Stalker.

He has written and produced some of the most uplifting and horrifying films and television shows of the past few decades. ” Williamson is best known for co-creating The Vampire Diaries and writing the horror films I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream after creating the popular teen drama Dawson’s Creek in the 1990s. When reading a Williamson novel, you know you’re in for a thrill, a scare, and a dose of humanity all at the same time, because his characters care about one another and are constantly in peril.


Kevin Williamson was also the brains behind the one-season TV series Stalker, which starred a slew of A-listers. From a real-life story that inspired Williamson to the main characters and their motivations, this show has a lot to offer horror fans.


Before its cancellation, Stalker aired for just one season, from 2014 to 2015. Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) is a detective with the LAPD who used to live in New York City. As a Lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department, Beth Davis (real name Michelle Webber) has a tragic backstory: she was once stalked by a serial killer. Stalker is a solid show that focuses on adults whose lives have been changed by the people who stalk and torment them, whereas The Vampire Diaries is a great teen horror TV show.


Stalker wasn’t a huge hit and was canceled after only one season, but horror fans will appreciate the episodic structure. In each episode, a different victim of stalking is featured. An unidentified intruder breaks into the home of “Love Is a Battlefield” star Jessica Tuck (Andrea Brown). An actor known for her roles in films like “Fanatic” (AnnaLynne McCord) is also haunted by the ghosts of her past when a stalker visits her home. These minor characters and the stalking incidents that they’re dealing with are shown to viewers in the opening sequences of each episode in a formula that draws them in every time and makes them want to see if Beth and Jack can help these people and bring justice to the situation.


Stalker was created by Kevin Williamson as a response to a personal experience. The Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit is real, according to E! News, and Williamson was a part of it. That was Williamson’s conclusion after working on Scream 2: The Second Part “My house was broken into by a zealous horror movie fan who wanted to tell me how much he loved the genre. It was terrifying. It wasn’t as bad as what happened to Rebecca Schaeffer, a real-life stalking victim who was assassinated. The TMU was actually started by her. Her death paved the way for the first California stalking laws.”


The show gains realism by including this backstory. Because stalking does occur on a regular basis, and because everyone deserves to feel safe while going about their daily lives, the show addresses important themes like the importance of feeling safe. This is a good thing because there are many campy and cheesy horror TV shows, like Ryan Murphy’s fantastic Scream Queens. It adds to the realism of the show because these are real-world events that have occurred. In spite of the show’s relatively simple premise, it works extremely well because it focuses on the horrors that these characters face as they go about their daily routines.


When you’re watching Stalker, you feel like you’re watching a mini-horror movie, even though it’s been mostly forgotten. Kevin Williamson, who wrote Scream and The Faculty, a science-fiction film about teenagers, also penned this show, which, despite its focus on older characters, comes across as believable and well-written. Beth is exceptional because she has previously been stalked, allowing her to bring a unique perspective to her current work. In Los Angeles, where his ex and their son live, Jack has his own demons to deal with. He sometimes looks at them from afar, proving that he’s a stalker in his own way, which is the reason he moved there in the first place.


Although Stalker isn’t available on streaming services, fans of Williamson’s films and TV shows should definitely check out the show. FilmRise is the place to go if you live in the United States. Unfortunately, season 2 of Stalker does not exist because there is so much more to cover and the show could easily continue with additional episodes.

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