Rally Fighter


I’ve seen photos of cars like this online before but they always turned out to be imaginative CGI renderings of a baja style off-roader with a sports car body. Well somebody actually made one! I spotted this car at the Motors by the Moat event at Leeds Castle in the UK yesterday and I can confirm it does exist! No computer generated imagery is used here.

Now apparently this car was designed in 2009 through a crowd sourcing programme with the winning body design chosen by an online vote. It was developed and built by Local Motors in Arizona between 2010 and 2016. To enable the car to be classed as a kit car buyers would visit the Local Motors site and help the team assemble their car.

It boasts a 6.2 L GM LS3 V8 that produces 430 hp in a front engined, rear wheel drive configuration. Disappointingly the gearbox is a 4-speed GM 4L85-E automatic but Local Motors say that was chosen to prevent over-revving during jumps. That is after all what this beast was designed for, jumping dunes in races like the Baja 1000 and Dakar Rally. To soften those jumps there are some pretty meaty suspension components including, both coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers giving it 16 inches of suspension travel in the front and 20 inches in the rear.

I don’t know how this thing managed to pass me by for the last 10 years, perhaps because none had made it to British shores before now? After seeing it mentioned on their website I seem to recall spotting an awesome baja style racer in Fast and Furious 8 but I assumed it was something custom built for the film.

The baddies got to take the wheel of a Rally Fighter in Transformers 4 where they are referred to as ‘the scary cars’

Top gear USA even raced one against an air boat!

So why have I never heard of it? Am I the only one or has this awesome vehicle been missed by other petrolheads out there? Answers on a postcard please…..or in the comments below, whatever’s easiest.

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