In which US states will sports betting never be legal?

Right now, sports betting is a big business that seems to be drawing more people than ever. People all over the world bet on sports to make them even more fun, whether it’s backing your favorite team in football or betting on the NBA. Even though the US was slow to get started, it is now starting to allow legal sports betting as well.

As a result, sports betting in the United States has changed a lot in the last few years as more states have made it legal. Even so, there are a few states that seem to be against sports betting and are unlikely to ever let it happen. But what might these states be?


There are lots of things to do in Utah, but it doesn’t look like sports betting will become legal anytime soon. This has a lot to do with the fact that Utah is a strict Mormon state. People in this religion usually don’t like gambling, so it’s unlikely that sports betting will ever be allowed here. This is especially true when you think about the fact that Mormons make up about 90% of the representatives in Utah’s state legislature.

This means that neither the people in power nor the political will is there to make it happen. When you add in the fact that most people in this state don’t want to bet on sports, sports betting is pretty much dead in this state.


People are streaming games more than ever, and people are doing more and more things online. You would think that all US states would get with the times when it comes to things like sports betting. Even though other states around it have made it legal to bet on sports, the Gem State doesn’t seem to want to do the same. Because Idaho and Utah are so close to each other, both have strong ties to the Mormon church. This means that it might never be legal to bet on sports in Idaho either.

When you also think about how this state turned down plans to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports in 2016 and won’t even let horse racing happen there, the future of sports betting looks even worse. Because of all this, there are no bills being discussed in the state legislature, and most people and politicians don’t want this to change.


At first glance, it seems more likely that sports betting will be legal in Alaska than in some other states. This, however, isn’t the whole story, and many people think that making sports betting legal here will never happen. Even though lawmakers have asked for studies and talked about it, nothing has changed since 2018. Like Utah and Idaho, Alaska doesn’t seem to have much of a desire to bet on sports.

But, unlike Idaho and Utah, this has nothing to do with religion. Alaska is so far away from US politics and what everyone else is doing that it doesn’t feel like it has to go along with the rest of the country when it comes to sports betting. Also, because of where it is, it doesn’t have to worry about neighboring states taking its visitors and making more tax money than it does.


Could it ever be okay to bet on sports in Hawaii? At the moment, the answer seems to be a clear “No!” Even though some bills were brought up at the beginning of the legislature for 2021, which will last until 2022, not much has happened. Many people think that legal sports betting in this state is unlikely because nothing is happening.

Hawaii is far away from the rest of the US, just like Alaska, so there is less pressure on them to make it legal or even to do what other states do. Hawaii also has a lot of other things to offer tourists, so the state may not need to make sports betting legal to bring people there.

Sports betting may never happen in some states

Many US states have legalized sports betting because they see how good it is for their economies, but not all of them are on the same page. People there will miss out on the fun and excitement that comes with betting on sports. Even though the future is hard to predict, it seems unlikely that the states we’ve talked about here will ever let people bet on sports.

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