In A Truly Perplexing 2000s Horror Film, This Buffy The Vampire Slayer Star

This is a terrible film that completely wastes its cast and a promising concept.

For her roles in Bring It Down, Dollhouse, and Tru Calling, Eliza Dushku is best known for her role as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The actress also appeared in a forgotten 2000s horror film called Soul Survivors.


If you’re a horror fan or critic, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything to like about this film, which was released in 2001. Soul Survivors has an intriguing premise and a great college setting, but the film falls flat in terms of storytelling, and as a result, it’s a letdown for horror fans. When viewers get to the end, they’ll be unsure of what they saw, and they’ll have some ideas about what the movie should have been like instead.


After going out with her friends Matt (Wes Bentley), Annabel (Eliza Dushku), and her boyfriend Sean (Casey Affleck) to a club, Cassie (Melissa Sagemiller) and her car crash and lose their boyfriend Sean (Casey Affleck). As Cassie is now grieving and unsure of how to go on without the one she loves, the rest of the film takes on a more emotional tone. Soul Survivors, sadly, is a horror film that squanders a promising concept.


There are a lot of random characters popping in and out of the film, but none of them really stick. An encounter with Annabel and Raven (Angela Featherstone) at a nightclub prompts Raven to tell Cassie that she must “leave or die.” Throughout the film, Cassie sees characters referred to as “Hideous Dancer” and “Deathmask.” She first encounters them at the beginning of the film, when they are both in a club. Weird character names make it difficult to take this movie seriously, which is a shame, because it’s supposed to be terrifying.


Father Jude (Luke Wilson), who is supposed to help Cassie deal with her grief, is one of the worst parts of the film. He talks to her whenever she needs someone to listen. It is common for horror and thriller stories to include a priest because of their expertise, knowledge, and deep thoughts. In most cases, this is cheesy rather than well-executed. This is also a waste of Eliza Dushku’s acting abilities. While Dushku is known for portraying strong, tough, and compelling characters, none of the characters in this story appear to be particularly interesting. Audiences may find it difficult to tell Matt, Cassie, and Sean apart due to their similarity as college students.


The ending of Soul Survivors is completely illogical. Cassie has been seeing Hideous Dancer, Deathmask, and Raven all over town because they were in the other car. Also, Cassie and Sean survived the car accident, it was revealed today. It was Matt and Annabel who died. That’s why Cassie believed Matt and Annabel were the only ones still alive: they’re trying to keep her from knowing the truth. Cassie and Sean are reunited at the end of the film, and Cassie is in the hospital, fighting for her life.


This movie doesn’t feel scary but the ending ruins any hope that the movie had of appearing horrifying. Because of this, if Cassie was really seeing ghosts of her deceased friends, the film would be creepy and intriguing. There is no indication that anything out of the ordinary occurred and that Cassie and Sean are the only survivors of the car crash. Since the movie itself isn’t all that exciting, this ending makes for an uninspiring viewing experience. Sean’s existence is also a mystery because it’s not clear where he’s been or how he fits into the picture.


While dealing with survivor’s guilt, a main character who is haunted by the spirits of their best friends makes for an excellent movie. It would be frightening, have a compelling plot, and provide a satisfying resolution. As a result, viewers are presented with a boring main character who keeps running into random people, and this doesn’t add up to anything interesting.


Sole Survivors isn’t one of those underappreciated 2000s horror flicks. When a protagonist claims that the events of the story were “all a dream,” it’s become a huge cliche, and that is exactly what happens here. A strange direction is taken in the 2000s horror film Soul Survivors, which instead of being a thrilling ghost story like The Night House deals with grief.

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