How to Find Your Jan Airport Code

Looking for your Jan Airport code? Tips in this short article to help you input your airport code or address into their website. In an effort to improve the customer experience during flight check-in, international flight information sites may soon switch to a language that passengers have no way of understanding. Nationalities could find themselves in a far worse situation than being unable to communicate with airline staff. Machines will even replace check-in agents because they will just be expected to use a touch input panel. Find out how Jan Airport Code works and why this may affect your way of life when you read this article.

What is a Jan Airport Code?

If you are flying to Jan Airport, even though it is not classed as a major airport, you might need to know your Jan Airport Code. The Jan Airport Code is the abbreviation for the IATA code of Carajás Airport in Marabá, Pará, Brazil. It is also an abbreviation for Jardim Aurea Airport in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. Jan Airport codes are an excellent way for people who need a web address to find an airport with a specific code. By beginning with a four digit airport, the city of the airport will then have one letter added to it. For instance, Sioux City Airport is RDK.

How to Find Your Next Jan Airport Code

If you are looking to travel and want to know how to find your next jan Airport code, the first thing you will need is an international flight itinerary. I recommend head straight to your airline website such as United or Delta or just google “Best Airlines for Jan 2018 international flight date” and something should come up.

How to Find Your Jan Airport Code

It might be a best time of year or a week where there is less turbulence. If not then just check the Jan codes by month and hope that one works out! You can use the tabs above to find your Jan Airport Code, and some ways to find out if you had it before. Sometimes some websites even have prompts or codes that may be worth trying instead.

Address and Location of the Jan Airport

If you are driving, you will need to know your Jan Airport Code to reach the airport or if you are flying. If you are driving, look for this code on roughly epoxied glass plaques on the side of the road that say “Airport Exit.”

Next to these plaques, there should be white overhead signs with pictures of airplanes where it says “via (Jan Airport).” The Jan Airport has an address is in the working-class neighborhood of Katete, in Lima, Peru. It was built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Jan Airport Code: When planning a trip, it is helpful to know the Jan Airport code, for example. The JQH Airport code is located in January, Maryland, United States.

Mapping and Wayfinding Signs at Jan Airport

The most convenient way for most people to find their airport Jan Code is to use the online airport mapping system. If options are too limited to meet your needs, you should download the App and navigate your way there through Alternative Airport Services. In October 2010, the IIAC moved from its original location at Pilot’s Field Airport to its new location on Jan Airport grounds. Along with this move came a series of changes in signage.

If you plan to come to the airport and want to find your way around, here is a list of all mapping and marking features: The traditional wayfinding signs at Jan Airport are confusing because they’re written in multiple languages and hard to understand and not always accurate. However, there’s a solution! The official website of the Jan Airport Center provides step-by-step instructions for mapping your trip to get to your destination at the airport using digital maps available on iOS and Android devices.

MapQuest Map of the Airport

The Jan Airport Code can be found using a map on To obtain this information, locate the desired airport on the map, select “Get Directions, ” and find your nearest location from MapQuest. The airport code is the unique three-letter identifier for each city or sometimes country that uses a three letter identifier. The airport code for Jan Airport is DXL. Sometimes, airports will share the same code (such as Atlanta and Hartsfield) and usually sharing isn’t such a big deal.

WebTools for Tracking Your Flight Status at the Airport

In order to find your Jan Airport Code, you’ll have to head on over to our website and enter in your dates. You’ll then receive a table that tells you not only the January code of a specific airport but a list of all airports that release a code in that month. It would be difficult to find the airport code on your phone or on an airport-provided paper. Instead, you can use websites like IINAAC on this digital age, which track flight information more precisely than any other resource. By filling in your data, you’ll know when your flight is at the gate and when it will leave for its destination.


A Jan Airport Code shows that you’ve landed at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York on January 9, 1967. In an airport, flights often have ticketing numbers rather than actual names of passengers. Therefore, many airports have a system of assigning codes for the name the passenger lists on the tickets to make it easier for people to identify a person when looking for them at Jan Airport.

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