How Agents Can Navigate Direct Mail Marketing for Postcards

Using real estate farming cards to get customers is a good way to advertise. Door-to-door postcards are still a good way to market a real estate business, and they have been for a long time. To understand why these cards work so well, you need to know how far you have to be from a consumer to sell an idea or concept to them.

We know that no one likes to feel pressured into buying something, but we also know that ignoring the need to get business out there won’t help agents get clients. Real estate postcards work best when they find a middle ground between these two extremes. Getting the right amount of advertising and not too much advertising is a skill. Using real estate postcards makes this process a little bit easier, though.

By sending postcards to potential clients with information about what we have to offer, buyers can decide for themselves if they want to work with agents. This healthy distance gives the client control over the situation and makes agents look more professional. The cards give the impression that the agents are not in a hurry to find clients, but that they are ready to help if they are needed.

Since mailing postcards is a good way to use direct mail marketing, here is some general information on what you should know to make mailing postcards that really work.

1. Add listings that have just been sold

“Just Sold” listings give potential home sellers a rough idea of how much their own home is worth and how much it might sell for if they tried to sell it. When you add pictures of just-sold homes, consumers are interested in what they look like. If the people who get your postcards are thinking about selling their homes, they will want to know how much the house on your card sold for because it gives them an idea of how much they might get for their own home.

2. Make it hard to send postcards to other people

Another strategy is to make people feel like they are missing out on something. If you’re having open houses, make things happen that make people feel like they’re at a unique party. A postcard with an invitation-only address or a contest could do this. People like to feel like they are special, so making your business feel exclusive can do a lot to bring in more customers.

3. Keep things happy and fun

If you want to send real estate postcards during the holidays, make them festive by adding something holiday-related to the card. You could add a recipe for a holiday that’s coming up. Your clients will want to see that you are easy to get along with and friendly. Even small actions can have a big effect.

Strike A Balance

To get the most out of direct mail marketing, real estate agents can use creative and strategic real estate postcard templates that catch clients’ attention without overselling their services. Find the right balance between the above tips to make sure your postcard mailings work.

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