FishKeeper’s Best and Worst Fish [2022]

If you don’t know much about fishkeeping, it’s best to get a pet fish that is easy to take care of.

If you don’t, you’ll make the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.

So, in the next part of this post, I’ll talk about the best and worst fish for beginners. Let’s get started:

Best Fish

Neon Rainbowfish

I really like Neon rainbowfish, which are also called dwarf rainbowfish or praecox rainbowfish. This species has all the good things about neon tetras but none of the bad things. Two-inch rainbowfish that are small. Shoaling fish should be kept in groups of 5 or 6 to keep them calm. It may seem like a lot, but it’s much more fun to watch a group of rainbowfish interacts than a single one dart around the tank.

Full-grown specimens are as colorful as neons. If you care for your fish, it can grow a beautiful blue body with red or yellowfins, even if it doesn’t look like much in the store. Male fish fight and show off their red fins to get the attention of females. The dwarf rainbowfish’s behavior and color when it’s grown up really interest me.

Also, they are stronger than neons. They can’t live in acidic water, even though they prefer alkaline water. Better able to handle changes in water quality and chemistry. As long as you change the water often, they should be fine. It’s harder to find them, but it’s worth it. I’ve seen these in stores for animals. Neon rainbowfish is a good alternative to neon tetra for people who are just starting out.

Several tetras are good for beginners. Neons’ tougher relatives are black skirts, bloodfins, glowlights, serpae, and x-ray tetras. Do some research to find out if any of these animals are interesting to you. These fish are hardy and can be found in most fish shops. They gather in big groups, so you should have at least five or six of them in your tank.

Worst Fish


Anglers love catching the big, hungry Oscar. Oscar tank mates can be your biggest worry because Oscar fish are predators and would eat them.

Oscar fish are 18 inches long and big, which is why many people can’t find a tank big enough for them. An Oscar fish can be hard to keep in even a 55-gallon tank. Then, if you decide to keep them, you must change the water in the aquarium every week and keep it free of fish. Oscars need tanks that are bigger than 75 gallons because they are so big and messy.

They also get a condition called “hole in the head,” which is hard to treat. The fish gets big sores on its head and along its side, which could kill it. It is thought that the water quality in Oscar is not good. Fish can die if the water isn’t changed often enough.

Oscar feeder fish can spread diseases to other fish in the tank. I don’t think you should use feeder fish unless you have to. Before adding the fish to Oscar or your main tank, make sure they are not sick.

Lastly, it’s hard to find fish that Oscars can eat. Due to their big mouths, keep them with fish that are about the same size. The Oscars are territorial and try to stay out of trouble. They will go after other cichlids that they think are a threat, but bigger, more aggressive members of the same species will also go after them. This means that the Oscars and other fish need a big tank. A lot of new players want to have more than one Oscar in their tank, but it’s hard to do.

Oscars should be kept in large aquariums like their relatives (hundreds of gallons). The way each fish is different and how they interact with each other give you a look into their lives. Oscars and other big cichlids should only be kept by people who know how to take care of them properly.

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