Essay on why I want to be a nurse

If you are applying for nursing school or a nursing degree, you will almost certainly be required to write a Why I want to be a nurse essay. Colleges and institutions often ask prospective students to submit essays on why they want to be nurses, which enables them to evaluate candidates.

Making students write such essays allows universities to determine how eager a student is to study and pursue a nursing degree. Furthermore, this essay assists them in selecting the top prospects.

So, in order to stand out among thousands of applicants, you must create an amazing essay demonstrating your love for a nursing degree.

This post will provide you with the greatest advice for writing the best ‘Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay.’ So let’s get this party started!

What Should a Nursing School Essay Contain?

You should know what to put in a nursing school essay before looking at an example of ‘Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay.’ It will help you produce the greatest nursing essay possible, and you will also know what to include in the essay. Here are some ideas to add to your essay:

  • Reasons for choosing the program
  • Previous experiences may have inspired or prepared you to become an excellent nurse.
  • Things in the nursing industry that pique your interest.
  • What is it about nursing that piques your interest?
  • Why should assessors consider your application?
  • Personality attributes that can help you succeed as a nurse
  • Outstanding individual accomplishments and standouts (test scores, transcripts, etc.)

Essay on why I want to be a nurse

So, here is an example of why I want to be a nurse essay to help you create the greatest essay for your nursing school application:

Essay of 500 words on why I want to be a nurse:

I searched up the term “nurse” in many dictionaries and, to be honest, they failed me. A doctor or nurse is thought to be in charge of caring for the sick. However, this is an oversimplification of what a nurse does and does not do them credit.

In my perspective, the responsibility of a nurse extends beyond “taking care of ill people.” Nursing, in my opinion, is the profession that literally connects the world together. Individuals who have saved lives under difficult situations should be regarded as heroes.

As a consequence, I believe that nursing has the ability to really alter the world. I want to be a nurse so that I may make a difference in the lives of others while still having satisfying work. Priority should be given to preserving lives, owing to the fact that money can be computed and created, but life cannot.

I’m the sort of person that is moved to tears when I see others in agony. I’d want to help. In addition, I want to be a part of the community that helps others live pain-free lives.

My desire to study new things affected my choice to become a nurse as well. As a nurse, I’ll need to keep pushing myself in order to remain current on medical training and trends. This will ensure that I continue to deliver the best possible care to my patients.

At work, I will learn at least one new skill from both my patients and my colleagues. This will encourage me to continue learning about the strategies and tactics I employ on a daily basis. As a consequence, I see nursing as a fruitful field for personal development and progress.

As I advanced through high school, I realized that I had some of the qualities required for nursing. For example, I proved that I am an excellent communicator who is capable of both listening and criticizing. As a result, a good nurse, in my view, should be able to communicate effectively with their patients and explain complicated topics to them in both non-technical and technical terms.

In addition, I am a team player. I look forward to collaborating with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to give the best possible care to my patients.

Furthermore, as a nurse, I will fight to change the world, starting with my local neighborhood, since that is how I see nursing.

Finally, I’ve always wanted to do something worthwhile, and nursing looks to be one of them. I will be able to feel fulfilled by supporting others in their time of need on sickbeds. Furthermore, I’ll feel gratified knowing that I’m doing something good for mankind while still improving myself. As a consequence, being a nurse would enable me to fulfill a lifetime ambition.

Short essay on why I want to be a nurse:

This prospect, this chance to assist those in actual need, is what drove me to the field of nursing. I had never considered a career in nursing or healthcare as a youngster. I’ve always wanted to help others, but it wasn’t until recently that I found the path that lead to nursing.

Following my graduation from college, I began working full-time. I had everything that most recent grads do: a solid job, a new vehicle, and plans to purchase a home. Nonetheless, I had the impression that something was missing from my existence. I wasn’t making a major difference in the lives of the individuals with whom I dealt, at least not in the manner I’d hoped to throughout my employment.

I wanted to be the guy that people went to when they were hurt, ill, or terrified, the one who could save their lives. To achieve this self-imposed goal, I felt it was time to go back to school.

As a consequence, I’ve chosen to become a nurse, and my dedication and enthusiasm for the industry will allow me to learn everything and help people from the bottom of my heart.

Things to consider while writing an essay about why I want to be a nurse:

Nursing school application essays are created to show that the candidate is qualified for admission to the nursing program. The few words that candidates may use to explain their personal experiences determine whether they are approved or denied. So it should not be lacking in anything, so here are some things to look for in your essay:

Choose Correct And Appropriate Information: If you want admissions officers to be impressed, make sure the information you provide gives a clear picture of your past and future accomplishments.

Choose a compelling topic: Applicants hope that their essay will stay with admissions officers long after they’ve done reading it. Maintain your writing’s focus on the topic at hand and provide good evidence to back up your claims.

Mention your personal life as well: Admissions officers do not want to be bored with insignificant details, but rather with the major features that distinguish each applicant.

Attract the Reader’s Attention: The initial few paragraphs of an essay should spark the reader’s attention. Throughout the presentation, your writing skills should be of the greatest grade. Begin the essay with a hook to persuade the reader to keep reading.

Make a Structured Essay: The essay should have a clear and easy-to-read introduction, body, and conclusion. Make a noteworthy conclusion at the end to guarantee that the essay’s readers will remember it.


So we provided two examples: an essay on why I want to be a nurse. Because the university may check for plagiarism, you should not reproduce anything we wrote. These two examples are only suggestions. As a result, you should compose essays in your native language, explaining your personal experiences, education, and passion for selecting Nursing as a career.

Furthermore, remember to add the relevant details in the essay. We hope you found this post to be beneficial and interesting. Please add your important opinions and recommendations in the comments section.

Thank you for your time!

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