does it actually look good in purple?


A​h yes, the Chrysler PT Cruiser, one of the ugliest cars in existence. We have seen ugly cars that actually look good in purple. How about this one? Join me today as we look at the Chrysler PT Cruiser and decide if it looks good in purple.

T​he PT Cruiser an American car made by Chrysler was made in the years 2001-2010. People liked the car because it was cheap and well “sporty.” It was pretty successful until Chrysler discontinued it in 2010 because a law which brought the price up. Chrysler also made some ugly cars such as the Prowler which also is a car sometimes seen in purple.

P​urple Chrysler Prowler

P​urple Chrysler Prowler

N​ow, here’s my thoughts on purple on ugly cars. Okay so you see purple on expensive cars like Lamborghinis, McLarens and Porsches. Those are more metallic shades of purple with a nice shine. I looked around and couldn’t find the name for the Chrysler shade of purple so I’ll just call it Chrysler purple. The purple on these cars is just toned down just because the car it’s on. I have nothino wrong with purple being on other cars and think it looks fairly good on them. But do the cars look good? No.

P​urple PT Cruiser, credit Micah Davis

P​urple PT Cruiser, credit Micah Davis

A​lright some shades of purple look good on the Cruisers but not the one above. As we can see in the photo taken by Micah Davis, we can see a sad old man in his Cruiser. Yeah weird purple and white = 🤮🤮🤮.

C​omment down below your thoughts on these 2 ugly Chrysler cars and if they actually look good in purple.


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