Chapter 43 : Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom Solution HC Verma Concept Of Physics Part 2

We are providing all chapters solution of HC Verma Concept of physics part 1 and part 2 book. The solution is in pdf format so that in could be protected from some editors. Here is the solution of chapter 43 named Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom.

Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom : Chapter 43 Forty Three : Solution By HC Verma

Bohr’s model is known by Rutherford Bohr model or Bohr diagram. In 1913 Niels Bohr and Ernest Rutherford was introduced Bohr’s model. its structure is similar to the structure of the Solar System. it depicts the atom as a small. The Rutherford model or Bohr’s model is mostly a quantum physical interpretation of it. The Bohr model is a relatively primitive model of the hydrogen atom.  Bohr’s model can be derived as a first-order approximation of the hydrogen atom. but it is obvious that you have already read and understood that book and now you are looking for solution of chapter 43. So here is the images of whole chapter solution or you can download all the images in single pdf file by clicking on below given link.

chapter 43 solution 1

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