Woman's Bell Pepper Cutting Trick Goes Viral

This process cleans peppers.
Vegetable prep is time-consuming. You may add them to a salad or a taco.

We all desire them, but we'd rather not prepare them. A new TikTok video shows how to quickly chop bell peppers. Have faith. You won't want to cut like before.

@kellyscleankitchen wows us with her bell pepper hack. The video has 13M+ views.

Her technique astonished us. Why wasn't this taught earlier? This process cleans peppers. Wow!

Who wants to try this? Great! Likewise! Why chop bell peppers differently? TikTok users love this trick.

Where have you been, mama? How did TikTok know @ORIANA was doom scrolling to avoid dinner preparing (which involves bell peppers)? Logging off to try!”

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