Tortoise's Bedtime Routine Video Brings Joy

Why do kids oppose bedtime? They won't clean their teeth or put on pyjamas. We want bedtime to be as effortless as this tortoise mom's.

Ethel, a 6-year-old tortoise, has approximately 80K TikTok fans. Her bedtime is 5 p.m. LOL! This mom can rest since Ethel puts herself to bed.

A recent footage depicts Ethel's leisurely trip to her bedroom. You won't believe how she gets comfortable!

Cute Ethel! We're surprised by how long she sleeps. She has bedroom curtains. Using a pillow?! Stunning. Under her parents' bed, Ethel lives rent-free.

"Ethel begins bed at 5" @Emily B. Woodham said, "Goes to bed at 7." Ha! The unhurried stroll is her end-of-day relaxation. 

@Sherrie Marie Schuma stated, "My coworkers' moves." LMAO! We all have a slow coworker. Ethel is the cutest. Her slowness is unique.

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