There are 8 Unexpected Applications for Potatoes.

Potatoes are a popular vegetable. You can cook or mash potatoes, but they're good for much more. Here are more potato uses.

Solanum tuberosum is a nightshade plant having white, pink, red, blue, or purple flowers.

In the late 1700s, Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI wore potato blossoms in their hair and buttonholes 

Potato blossoms were once a favourite of the French nobles, but the ruse failed. Upper-class attempts to encourage lower classes to farm failed.

Start storing up on potatoes if you're in a need or a doomsday prepper. Wires, copper, a zinc-coated nail, and a tuber may power a clock, light bulb

Potatoes were the first space shuttle veggie in 1995. University of Wisconsin's Raymond Bula grew five Norland potato leaves in space.

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