The Watermelon Yellow Spot

People do a lot to get watermelon secrets. People pound, scrape, shake, tap, and smack melons for four reasons

Is this watermelon sweet, juicy, and ripe? It's ripe? Given a watermelon's size, it's hard to tell what's inside the rind. Farmers and melon experts disagree.

Watermelons, botanically Citrullus lanatus, are Cucurbitaceae flowering vines (per MasterClass).

They are "big brothers" of cantaloupes and honeydew melons and have 300 cousin-varieties in the US and South America.

Healthline says they provide vitamins C, A, and B-5, potassium, copper, citrulline, and lycophene.

The larger-than-life fruits take 80 to 90 days to mature in the main season, so it's crucial to determine whether they sat in the fields long enough.

California officials say chopping invasive worms create new people.