Smart cat's manner of telling mom to change his litter amazes people

After a long day at work, you just want to lay back, relax, and greet your furry friends.

Pets usually welcome your return. They liked being alone, but they'd prefer be with you. Or maybe they're glad you're home to feed and clean them.

One cat mom wasn't greeted at home. @catmanjohn's TikTok kitten didn't care that his mom was tired.

He needed a favour then. Kitty John's nice. When mom returned home, he instructed her very clearly to pick up his litter. Smart kitty!

OMG! John pressed "litter" on the speak button. He learned that word?! His mum hesitantly got off the sofa to examine the litter.

He runs a tight ship, said TikTok user @Vanessa Parra. LMAO! He's nagging his mum to clean up. 

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