Rob Gronkowski's return is hampered by 1 thing

Rob Gronkowski is missing from Tom Brady's return and OTAs.

Four-time Super Bowl champion declared he'd play for the Buccaneers or nobody. Gronk may not return until training camp, if at all.

Gronk may be worth more than the $8 million or $10 million the Bucs pay him. He deserves more. If they offer him enough, he'll play.

Gronk won't say. He'll avoid seeming greedy or selfish. If a man wants to get compensated for his work, it's neither.

Gronkowski should desire fair compensation. Even if he's never spent a dollar of his football money, he deserves fair remuneration for his talents, abilities, risks, and sacrifices.

Given Rob Gronkowski's throwing and blocking abilities (still), he deserves more than last season's $10 million contract.

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