Opossum Threatens NYC Bar Until Alaskan Woman Steps In

NEW YORK — An Alaskan lady calmly approached a genuine Opossum in Brooklyn, New York, as New Yorkers played possum, according to viral footage.

Temkins Bar in Greenpoint had its wildest night last week, as captured by a hairy frenzy of social media updates.

A video indicates that the possum entered the club, hid beneath several seats, and frightened bar guests. Sara Fulton's arrival ruined the hipster-possum truce.

One of the videos shows her stating, "Hold the camera, I'm from Alaska."

Videos demonstrate the truth of the matter. Fulton pounces on a squirming possum hiding in a bar corner and grabs it by the collar.

On social media, as well as in the New York Post and Today, Fulton's daring expedition received praise. 

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