Instead of throwing away watermelon rinds, start using them instead

As temperatures rise, days lengthen, and barbecues proliferate in the suburban wild, the number of watermelons you may find increases tremendously.

It's a given that bright, triangle-tipped watermelon slices will be everywhere this time of year, as they are in the spring and fall.

Watermelon rinds are often a pain to get rid of, but there are a number of delicious and healthful ways to use them.

Using watermelon rinds as compost is a great idea because of their high water content, according to PELA, and they break down rapidly.

Composting the rinds is a simple and fast method to acquire some supercharged fertiliser, but the real money is in what watermelon rinds can give for your plants in terms of nutrients.

According to Livestrong, eating watermelon rinds has a slew of health advantages. The challenge is figuring out the best method to cook them.

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