Florida lady jokes she purchased puppy on eBay. That's no puppy!

Florida lady brags about her new "pet"
No dog.Cindy Frasier's post shows an alligator in her garage next to a cage.

Her article starts, "I got a dog on eBay, but something's wrong with him." Does Cesar Milan train Chihauhator or Gatohauhau?

Polk City's Frasier remarked, "His temperament is a tad unpleasant and at 7'6...
He should be more courteous.

Frasier discovered the gator while retrieving a golf cart from her Polk County home's garage.

A friend said, "I'd die." "Last night, a bird came inside my home and I panicked."

A nuisance alligator is at least four feet long and presents a hazard to humans, pets, or property, according to the FWC.

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