Bitcoin climbs 18% from year's low, bringing'relief'

Bitcoin's price rose 8% in the recent week, putting it 18% above its 2018 low of $26,700.

After a month-long bear run, the world's biggest cryptocurrency is worth around $31,500.

On 12 May, the top cryptocurrency fell to $26,750 after the uncoupling of stablecoin TerraUSD (USDT) from its dollar peg.

Bitcoin broke over $30,000, but it must maintain $29,300 on a retest to signal bullish continuation, an analyst at GlobalBlock said Monday.

This month's crypto market crisis wiped out nearly $1.5tn, and researchers fear another "crypto winter" might be coming.

Bitcoin showed indications of recovery in the week after the meltdown and regained $600bn on Tuesday.

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