Alternatives for Celery in Tuna Salad

Celery is an undervalued vegetable. Many people find it tasteless and dull, a "diet" dish that gives low-calorie veggies a poor reputation.

There are many different methods to add crunch to your tuna salad if you don't like celery or don't want to purchase an entire stalk of celery for just one dish.

There are few things better than tearing into a crisp, crunchy stalk of fresh celery, even if the taste isn't as robust as that of other superstar veggies like peppers or ripe tomatoes.

In addition to adding flavour and texture to salads like tuna salad, it's a simple way to sneak in extra vegetables and get the health advantages that come from doing so.

As a basis for a cocktail, a robust vegetable stew, braised meat, or even a main meal, you may utilise it in a variety of ways

Even though these are only a few of the greatest celery substitutions, you may use up the whole stalk of fresh, nutritious celery if you have any left over after making tuna salad.

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