A twist might make monkeypox dangerous

Monkeypox, a viral illness that causes flu-like symptoms and unattractive papules on the face and torso, has arrived as the coronavirus epidemic continues to kill hundreds of Americans a day.

The first incidence of monkeypox in the U.S. this year was a guy in Massachusetts who just visited Canada.

Not yet. While indigenous to West Africa, this is not the virus's first journey to the U.S., even after COVID-19 started. This virus isn't new.

If monkeypox is spreading readily from person to person, it would be an unfortunate development.

Previous exportations of this illness seldom resulted in person-to-person transmission, said Henry Wu, an Emory University School of Medicine travel medicine expert.

Monkeypox spreads by skin-to-skin contact or touching sores, according to conventional knowledge.

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